Turning Water into Wine...


Paul Bent,

takes Bot (Software Betting) to the next level.

56 Racing Strategies along with Sports Strategies

Shown and Explained, so you can get right into the world of automated betting.


Paul Bent has been a betting man for over forty years. Over the
decades he's seen it all. He's subscribed to more services, bought
more systems and attended more courses than most of us could

He used to attend betting exchange shops betting alongside
some of the shrewdest punters out there before many of us had even
heard of betting exchanges.

It goes without saying that he's had ALL of online bookie accounts
closed or restricted and so turned his attention to making his
income from Betfair, and he has even hosted betting masterclasses
teaching others his techniques.

Now he uses betting bots and automated betting software to bet for
him, and he uses these every day. Some he uses to trade in the live
markets, others he just switches on and leaves to run indefinitely.
He uses an arsenal of strategies that all work and all bring in
regular daily profits.

Betting software of some description is a key requirement for
anyone serious about betting/trading successfully on the betting

There is a plethora of betting bots and betting software on the
market today, and many of these are simply brilliant tools. But a
tool is only as good as the person using them, and most of the
software vendors don't offer any profitable strategies to use with
their software leaving it up to the user to decide.

But it doesn't have to be that way!

In fact there are no less than 56 individual strategies covered,
with detailed screenshots for each method showing you exactly how
to do it. Nothing is left to chance.

Here are a couple of examples from the book:

One method shows you how to back a horse to win BUT if it looks
like it's about to lose you automatically get your stake back.


You lay a horse to lose but if it goes on to win you don't lose
anything at all and still make a profit.

Here are a two video's showing only a small part of what is covered.

As you saw the horse he backed pre-race lost and yet he still won! The bot managed his position and automatically took evasive action. Trying to do something like this manually via the Betfair platform would be next to impossible.

And what about this…This time he layed the favourite pre- race and got the bot to automatically hedge the liability should the favourite look like winning in running:


As you saw Paul layed the favourite, it won and yet he still won! The bot recognised that the favourite looked like winning and took action to protect his liability… automatically!

These are simple examples of what a bot can do for you automatically.

Of course bots can be used to apply similar techniques to sports betting such as football markets.

These are just two of the strategies covered in the manual and are
simple examples of what a bot can do for you automatically, but
there are many, many more techniques that can be applied to enable
you to make consistently profitable bets all day long.

Remember, Paul has been doing this for years and has honed his
techniques to such a level that he operates at peak efficiency. You
can learn all his methods immediately without having to go through
years of trial and error to find out what works and what doesn't.

Can't bet during the day? No problem. There are bots available that
you can run on virtual private servers (VPS) that you can switch on
and leave to run 24/7 without any intervention whatsoever. Or you
can just leave them running on your home computer if you don't mind
leaving it on all day. Either way, the bot will work tirelessly all
day, every day, betting the exchanges exactly to the parameters you
have specified... and Paul shows you how to set it up to do this
for you.


Paul is constantly surprised by how many Betfair users are unaware of Automated Betting Software ( betting bots).
Many have no idea what betting bots are, what they do, or what they can be made to do.

He thinks they are missing a trick!

As he mentioned earlier he used to attend betting exchange shops and using automated betting software was absolutely essential.

Paul though using betting automation for years on a daily basis , and took it for granted that most people were aware of its capabilities… he was wrong.

Paul couldn’t believe that a product that professionals find indispensable has not been rolled out to the mass public. So he thought he would be the one to do it!

The 202 page book takes you through the different types of bots available, covering ones that simply place bets whilst you are at work or otherwise away from your computer, to more sophisticated ones that can place multiple, complex trades into the market.

The majority of the book however is given over to step by step guides to 56 individual strategies professionals use and how to set up a bot to carry them out.

Most of the strategies he demonstrate involve taking a position/s and then getting bot to hedge them.

As well as being simply convenient, betting bots can enable complex betting/trading strategies to be applied that would otherwise be impossible to employ.

Paul's opinion Betting software of some description is a key requirement for anyone serious about betting/trading successfully on the betting exchanges.




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Paul has created a special settings file for one of the bots. All
you have to do is load it in, set how much you want to win, and
turn it on! 

This particular file is pure gold. In fact, at the time of writing,
this unique file has never had a losing day.

Imagine that! Coming home from work every day, checking your
computer and seeing you've won money on Betfair without you even
being there...  every day!

It really is like turning water into wine.

BUT... too many people using this file will impact on Pauls own
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I'm sure you'll agree this is a sensible thing to do.



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